The Chewy Center is a Greater Cleveland Area jam band, drawing its influences from rock, funk, and dance genres. Comprised of members, David DeFlorentis (vocals/guitar), Nate Vegas (bass guitar), Stephen Fabec (keyboards) and Ben "Fas" Fasciano (drums), the group plays with aggressive rhythms, funky bass, inventive improvisations, and catchy hooks.

The original trio met in spring of 2011 at the Padua Franciscan High School talent show and played together in various groups before formalizing the ideal combination in summer 2016. They debuted in their current form at their friends' wedding and went on to play a series of local gigs and jam-nights before releasing their debut EP, 'Meconium', recorded at Refried Audio in Painesville, OH. Eager to expand the reach of the Chewy Faithful, the band is making their mark on the local scene. Adding keyboard player Stephen Fabec in July of 2020, the group has evolved into a four-man powerhouse of Northeast Ohio jam rock. Their first full length album, Happy You're Here (released September of 2020), has brought Chewy to new audiences and is ushering in the band's next chapter.

TCC pride themselves on their live performances, flowing between genres and songs. Major influences include Umphrey’s Mcgee, Phish, Lotus, TWRP, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, TAUK, and BoomBox to name a few. It’s rock meets funk meets flow music, and we always get the room moving. The Chewy Center is making a name for themselves on the Cleveland scene as well as locally-based music festivals such as Local Brews Local Grooves (House of Blues), Walkabout Tremont, Spunfest (Coyote Grove), Halloween Nights of Flow (Coyote Grove), as well as many others.

Check out the full length album Happy You're Here, now streaming everywhere!


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