The Chewy Center is a melodic rock band from Cleveland, OH, taking heavy influence from prog, jam bands, classic album rock, and electronic music with big hooks, super melodic songs, and a story to tell in each song. 

Infectious riffs, synth goodness, catchy vocals, big heart. That's the spirit of The Chewy Center. Take all that and incorporate inventive jam explorations, some genre mashing, and some danceable grooves, and that's Chewy’s sound. 

Feeling like a welcomed outsider in the scene, the band enjoys a sense of creative freedom to break outside the walls of conventional jam/festival sound.  Each song has a story to tell, through unique lyrical themes and ideas that provoke introspection and emotion.

Chewy has been making their mark on the local and regional scenes, being featured all across Cleveland's best venues and lots of local and regional festivals, such as Wild Maple, FUNKyFEST, Dunesville, and many others. A band at the crossroads of many genres, they make friends wherever they go. There's no façade when you see them perform, they just want to give you the music that they would want to geek out to.

Fans also like Umphrey's McGee, Lotus, Dopapod, Rush, Asia, YES, Toto, Blue Oyster Cult, Journey, Genesis, Styx, Coheed & Cambria, among others.

Check out their new album ‘JANET FLIGHT’ on all streaming services!

"You guys are like a jam band for nerds... but in a good way." -Evan, the sound engineer


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