The Chewy Center is a jam infused, space rock band from Cleveland, OH comprised of members, David "D. Flo" DeFlorentis (vocals/guitar), Mike Nock (lead guitar), Nate "Vegas" Vagase (bass guitar), Stephen Fabec (keyboards) and Ben Fasciano (drums). Chewy plays with aggressive rhythms, funky bass, inventive improvisations, and catchy hooks. Eager to expand their reach, the band is making a mark in the region. 

The original trio met in spring of 2011 at a high school talent show and played together in various groups before formalizing the band in summer 2016. With the additions of Fabec in summer 2020 and Nock in 2022, the band has evolved into a five-man powerhouse of Northeast Ohio rock. Feeling like a welcomed outsider in the jam band world, the band enjoys a sense of creative freedom to break outside the walls of conventional jam/festival sound, incorporating elements of metal, prog, and various others that typical festival goers may not expect. Every song tells a story, through unique lyrical themes and ideas that provoke introspection and emotion. Regardless of subject matter, the band is primarily focused on one thing: making music that you will have fun listening to. 

TCC pride themselves on their live performances, flowing between genres and songs. The Chewy sound is a space-exploring mix of rock, funk, prog, and disco, with a few sprinkles of electronic music and AOR rock. Something different from the jam scene, with a little something for everyone.


Instagram: @thechewycenter

Facebook: The Chewy Center