Skully's Music Diner, Columbus, OH

Spunion’s are coming to invade Columbus, Ohio on April 30th! 👽 Come be part of not just another show but an experience like no other! From worlds unknown they have come to invade your minds with original sounds and live art! Where the vibes are amazing and always weird you will not want to be the one who stays home from this invasion! Guaranteed to blow any and all expectations at this indoor miniature festival experience!! 🌀🌀 $10 - Presale $12 - @ Door $5 - Anyone under 21 Mask up & Follow Guidelines 18+ w/ Valid ID @ door Featuring! The Art Cart GR8R Racala Southpaw Fun Size Stagmind Jon Doe Tho1 Sammie Leigh’s Mikey Ray & Shabby The Chewy Center Comedy by Mark Wheeler Live Art by Joseph Davis Please note that by attending you are agreeing to have your image whether photographed or videotaped to be used by Spunion in their promotional videos without gain or profit to you.

$10 - Presale $12 - @ Door $5 - Anyone under 2. Door tickets will be sold until allowed capacity is met. Contact us directly @thechewycenter or thechewycenter@gmail.com for presale tickets.